Tuna sushi

Raw material

At the Sushi bar we use Greek fish (with the exception of salmon). The lack of pollution and the richness of the fauna of the Greek sea offer to us a large choice of fish of a unpatrolled quality. All the rest of the raw materials we use are imported from France. Seaweed, Soy sauce, Read More

Διακοπές The Sushi Bar, καλοκαίρι

The Sushi bar goes on vacation!

Starting August 9th we go on vacations. We return at Neo Psichiko and Paleo Faliro, Friday 22nd of August and at Pangrati, Tuesday 25th August. Happy holidays to all!

Sushi Bar - Πάσχα 2014

Easter holidays

The sushi bar will remain closed from Easter Friday until Monday after Easter. We return with your favourite sushi and more on Tuesday 22th of April.

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