Amberjack or Μαγιάτικο in Greek, is a fatty fish with a mild flavour that is perfect for someone who is new to sushi. It has a rich buttery flavour and smooth texture. Its colour rosy pink color and has a bold, but not too fishy, flavour.

Suzuki or Sea Bass is a delicious summertime fish. Its flesh can be either firm or soft, depending on the cut. If cut from the belly, the meat is quite high in fat content and has a very soft mouthfeel. Cuts of meat from other parts of the fish are somewhat firm and a little chewy but still retain a wonderful, sweet flavour.

The swordfish: a highly regarded sushi fish in Japan. Its lean white fish is usually served alongside its fin. The Aegean Sea is a natural habitat for the swordfish where it is quite common to see one chasing smaller fish. Quite a spectacle for the lucky ones to witness it!

Spotted a tuna in the Aegean this summer while swimming or cruising on a boat? Know that tuna is a top sushi choice. The most common types are bluefin, yellowfin, bigeye, skipjack, bonito, albacore. There are a few rarer ones as well!
Keep swimming….