Valentine's Day @ the Sushi bar | Κάντε έγκαιρα την κράτησή σας για την ημέρα των Ερωτευμένων! The Sushi Bar, Athens

Valentine’s Day is coming!

Make your reservation for Lunch or Dinner @ The Sushi Bar ! February 14 @ Τhe Sushi Bar N. Psychiko & P. Faliro (12.30-00.30) Pagrati 19.00-00.30 * The offer “All the Rolls you can eat with 22€” that is valid on Saturdays in Pagrati restaurant has moved to Sunday 15/2!

Tuna sashimi | sashimi βονίτη, σολωμού, τόνου και άλλων ψαριών ημέρας, φιλεταρισμένα με τις παραδοσιακές μεθόδους από τους Sushi Masters του The Sushi Bar!
Weekend sushi - προσφορές στα The Sushi Bar για τα Σαββατοκύριακα

Weekend @ The Sushi Bar

Enjoy your favorite sushi every Weekend from morning till late night (12:30-00:30) at the Sushi bar Neo Psychiko & Paleo Faliro. Moreover, all “Maki- Lovers” can enjoy unlimited quantity of maki (rolls) with 22€ on Saturday night (19.00-00.30) @ Pangrati & Sunday all day long (12.30-00.30) @ Paleo Faliro.

Veggie sushi

Sushi for vegetarians @ The Sushi Bar

At the sushi bar you can also find nigiri & maki with the freshest vegetables. Try our delicious combinations with avocado, cucumber, shitake mushrooms, seaweed etc.

18 Χρόνια The Sushi Bar

The Sushi bar – 18 year anniversary!

The Sushi bar would like to thank all its loving and supporting friends by offering for free their favourite plate for 18 days (from March 31 to April 17)   Our history It was April 1995 when two friends decided to combine their knowledge and experience in order to introduce for the first time the Read More

Cheesecake @ The Sushi Bar

Choco Chilli Cake & Cheesecake – Exclusively @ The Sushi Bar

Taste our two handmade desserts which come to wrap up the end of your meal leaving their own authentic chocolate or fruity taste. All our desserts are handmade without any conservatives and are exclusively made for the Sushi bar. Choko chilli cake Choko chilly cake is a spicy tart made from Valrhona and Chilly Cheesecake Read More

Caviar gunkan nigiri

Gunkan nigiri

Gunkan in Japanese means “boat” and thus this type of nigiri is shaped as a boat and it’s named after its topping. At the Sushi bar you will find a large variety with shellfish, crab, sashimi, vegeltables and others.

Ginger | The Sushi Bar Athens
Ημέρα τής γυναίκας - Woman's Day :: The Sushi Bar

Women’s Day Celebration @ The Sushi Bar !!

Women’s day celebration The Sushi bar celebrates woman’s day by offering 15% discount to all women’s groups that love sushi. The offer is valid all day at the Sushi bar in Neo Psichiko & Paleo Faliro (12.30-00.30) and at night at Pangrati.

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